Caleb Brown Jr. Scholarship

The Caleb Brown, Jr. Scholarship is awarded each year to deserving African American males who are graduating from a high school in the Cincinnati Area and accepted into a 4-year accredited college or university. In order to receive the scholarship, interested students must complete an application which includes essays relative to their career goals and the importance of college attendance for African American men. The Delta Theta Sigma Foundation is pleased to support these young men as they begin their college careers, as we endeavor to recognize their hard work and encourage their future success.

Moody - Senior Pic“The Caleb Brown Scholarship has been instrumental in helping me to pursue my degree. As a result of receiving this scholarship, I have been able to attend my dream school and major in my desired field. Receiving this scholarship has inspired me to someday give back by helping other students pursue their academic goals and dreams.”

David Moody, 2014-15 Scholarship Recipient
Wyoming High School

University of Michigan – Mechanical Engineering


The award is named after the esteemed Phi Beta Sigma brother Caleb Brown, Jr., who has been a mainstay in the Cincinnati community for decades. With regard to his Sigma career, Bro. Brown was initiated into the fraternity on June 1, 1968 at Central State University. Bro. Brown helped reactivate the Delta Theta Sigma Chapter in Cincinnati in 1977. He served as chapter president in each decade from 1968 through 2012. He was elected the first Regional Legal Counsel for the Great Lakes Region in 1994, and serves as the fraternity’s Legal Counsel for the State of Ohio. He is a Life Member of the Fraternity, and on January 5, 2013 was given the distinction of President Emeritus of the Delta Theta Sigma Chapter.